Finally wow FINALLY Time Will Tell I’ve been waiting for this stupid mystery song for nearly two years and?!?!?! It’s amazing?!?! Dunno if he only wanted to share this with people who has preordered or not, if you preordered, check ur email or fb cos he juuust posted it, and if not, PREORDER IT, or we can wait if he feel like proper posting it somewhere.

i hope he releases more!!! (like Cub!!! or the other mystery Goodnight Day) (omg andresitooo)




What’s up with these British male models who are also musicians?


Roo Panes’ “Know me Well” for Burberry Acoustic.


i s2g if i was given the chance to meet only one Panes sibling, i would choose Lucy in a heartbeat

Anonymous said: Now with the album art out (simple, understated yet effective - Lucy /two thumbs up/) your fave cover from all releases (singles included)?

chriiissttt i think this one’s my favourite!!!!!!! second is Indigo Home, and close third is TLOTL

Anonymous said: Daytrotter's Sean who I follow on twitter tweeted Roo's session will be posted later this week! 'citing :D

aaa thankyou for letting me know xxx



Roo Panes - Little Giant



Indigo Home by Roo Panes

I have to mention that this really is the best live version of this song ever.

for Dan Roberts, BBC London

Download link


Silver Moon // Roo Panes

my love is faithful, your love is true.


Roo and Deborah in Norway x

Anonymous said: Hi you know with album day is it the 5th or 6th? Because the pledge music counter is days to preorder, and I think it works to be 6th but I pruchased Once EP just now dont judge I am late it is to familiarize with the songs, and itunes has the album for 5th only I thought U.K. music release day is monday it has been for other people I buy, so I now have confusion and any clarity would be good

hii, realeases are usually on mondays so theres more time for the sales to grow and have the chance to be in the charts that are released by the end of the week, digitally, it might be on the 5th who knows, with the ep’s, the people who preordered it in itunes, the downloads were starting very early on monday even late the night before so, i guess officially it’ll be the sixth

and lets all make a cute calculation and try to guess when will the shipping arrive to my house in bogota, colombia, did i mention my country doesnt uses postal codes so everythings chaos

so yup october 6th for all of you and december 27th, 2015 for me


I’ll Move Mountains - Roo Panes

Burberry Acoustic

Anonymous said: You even put rbts under future releases, you are our f-y-r-p version of mystic meg, and tbf with lotl it is a little bit connected to the album with being paired with the single, I still wonder the call behind that, I always will, everybody still seems well connected to that song and to think it first stemmed from that shaky gig recording.

thattt fan vid, wow, one of my favourite moments in history for realsies, and it was so energetic and georgie’s face so full of joy and wow the lyrics?! and it went so faar, it had its own ep, but :/ (but HA  fuck yeah RBTS))