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omg they jist shared the cuutest vid eve!!!!!! Live performance of Tiger Striped Sky from rehearsals! aaa i’m dying Queen Georgie is the best and at the end their laughing and roo si such a dork <3 and sean <3 and i hate them <3


I’ll move mountains.


Roo Panes

—Home from Home


So fresh air open ways, mild nights, wild days
Wandering in wonder, pondering what wandering we’ll do
See I don’t care about what, when or where
‘Cause I’m starting to realize the question worth asking is who
I’m starting to realize the question worth answering is you

One of the songs that will make you think of the smell of juniper and cedars, the days spent wandering under the earthy shade of maple trees and chasing blue skies. If anything, this is toujours les trois and it makes you feel the ground pounding beneath your feet.

Anonymous asked: Do you happen to know where I can find lyrics for the song Time Will Tell? Thank you! :)

 aaa i dont have them …. YET

pls volunteers

Listen to Roo Panes play Tiger Striped Sky from a 2014 Daytrotter Session.
Recorded 7/31/2014 - 2KHz (London,)
Stream and download the full session here:!/concert/…

@roopaneshq: &#8220;@RooPanes Rehearsals last night for this evenings show for @amazingradio&#8221;

@roopaneshq: Rehearsals last night for this evenings show for

Anonymous asked: I wish they had given him eyes on the art! What is that all about it looks odd without eyes or at least put eyelashes on the closed eyes! (ps I feel you on TSS hopefully KMW is an upgrade :-x sorry *noimnot*)

I have to disagree with u on that i’ve alaways absolutely adored daytrotter illustrations!!!  with all their ugliness and the feeling they were made in 0,005 seconds idk why i just think theyre very unique and créate such an amazing brand remembrance, u tell someone abt Daytrotter and theyll be like whut?! But then u say like, the sessions with weird ass illustrations and theyll be like aaa oh that one idkhowtoexplainmyself

Anonymous asked: Hi, sorry I ask, it's because I'm not that familiar with the beforehand situations with up and coming bands. Truthfully, I have never taken this much interest in a band this early on so credit to them they captured my attention early. So my question is, is it standard to have a b side alongside another single release? I know some do this for every single, some just add a remix or live version, but for this bands standing is reasonable to expect a second b side? Cheers and thanks for this blog.

I dont knwo if there are actual mega permanent rules carved on sacred stones, some artists reléase the single and like 5 different remixes, blergh, some other use b sides as a chance to reléase covers, or mega early fan favourites, idk what to expect in this case tbh and yay thank u lemme Kiss u

Anonymous asked: Do you think Roo wrote some of these songs about 1 person or do you think its a mix of people and experiences? Thats the thing about really good song writer-the lyrics actually make me think!

Wondering things like that literally keeps me up at night christ musicians are so fascinating idk what do u guys think

Anonymous asked: Demo #2 is available!!!! This one is more demo stroke recording like the early tracks on his channel which he has categorized in a demos playlist. His voice sounds so different with it being years old it is strange, not quite as much as the infamous CYS track I don't think anything can beat that, but still strange enough compared to what we are used to now :P ...I feel in two days we have been spoiled and so the mini drought will begin now :')

I loved it but time will tell still wins, it stole my heart sooo hard and so fast that i still feel unabalanced

Anonymous asked: Any lyrics for 'Deeper Than Shallow' and 'Time Will Tell' and 'Sleepy Colorado' please if any may become one day. Much thank you for the 'Awoken' lyrics you include, the only place where they are, the lyrics can be important I can connect more to the music through them without them it can be tough by the language difference and so for 'Awoken' I bless you for them

christ Time Will Tell PLEASE

Anonymous asked: Under a month left!!!!!!!!!!! So near yet so far!

holy fucking fuck


Roo Panes @Wolf Club, London
Photos by Lawrence Howe


Roo Panes @Wolf Club, London


Photos by Lawrence Howe

now let&#8217;s all beg Clementine to post the audio!! plss

now let’s all beg Clementine to post the audio!! plss


Roo Panes - Awoken